- Where Lord Buddha was offered a bowl of honey by a monkey

Vaishali served an important role in the life of Lord Buddha. It was here only that Lord Buddha was offered a bowl of honey by a group of monkeys. Besides this, ailing Lord Buddha announced his final nirvana at Vaishali. He gave his begging bowl to the residents of Vaishali, the much loved city in his life.

Ashokan Pillar – Famously known as the Pillar at Kolhua, this 18.3 meter high Ashokan Pillar belongs to the 3rd century BC. Built entirely of a single piece polished red sandstone, this pillar is surmounted by bell shaped capital. A life-size lion statue placed on the top of this pillar is another attraction of Pillar at Vaishali.

Buddha Stupas at Vaishali – There are two stupas at Vaishali enshrining the relics of Lord Buddha’s mortal remains.

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