- Where Lord Buddha performed miracles

Spread over acres of land, Sravasti or Savatthi, the ancient capital of Kosala kingdom is sacred to Buddhist followers. Here only, Lord Buddha performed many of his miracles to confound the non Buddhist believers. The major miracles performed in Sravasti include Lord Buddha including Lord Buddha’s manifestation of creating his own multiple images.
Drawing the source from the same instance, this multiple image manifestation is an important theme of Buddhist art.
Besides this, Sravasti has deep connection with Lord Buddha’s life. He spent 24 rainy seasons in Jetvana monastery and rendered many discourses and teachings. Current day Sravasti is represented by the monastic ruins and stupas of Sahet-Mahet.

Sahet – Encompassing the area of 32 acres, the ruins of Sahet were the flourishing grounds for Jetavana monastery, the Buddhist heritage site where Lord Buddha spent 24 rainy seasons. Currently, Sahet is revered for its numerous shrines, monasteries and stupas.

Mahet - Spread over an area of 400 acres, Mahet was once a fortified city. Excavations conducted here reveal have exposed the massive city gates, walls and the ruins of other structures which are evident of Sravasti’s flourishing times. The present day ruins of Sravasti include two Stupas.

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