- Where Buddha descended from the heaven

Sankisa or Sankassa is the site where Lord Buddha descended from Tautisa Heaven to earth after preaching Abhidhamma to his mother Maya and other gods of heaven. Present day Sankisa hosts ruins of old monasteries and Buddhist monuments which were erected during the time of Emperor Ashoka. The major Buddhist heritage sites in Sankisa are as follows -

The Buddha Temple: The Buddha Temple marks the site where Lord Buddha descended after his stay in Tushita heaven.

The Temple of Maya Devi: Sankisa’s Buddhist heritage features a small temple dedicated to Maya Devi, the mother of Gautam Buddha. Maya Devi is regarded as the goddess of fertility by the people. Also to be seen here on the walls are Buddhist sculptures dating back to Mahayana age.

The Ruins of Ashokan Elephant Pillar: Emperor Ashoka commemorated this Buddhist heritage site with the construction of an Elephant Pillar at Sankisa. The exclusive attribute of this pillar is the use of elephants instead of lions. Elephants symbolize the white elephant which Mayadevi dreamt of at the time of conception of Prince Siddhartha (Lord Buddha).

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