- Where Lord Buddha tamed Nalagiri

Rajgir or Rajgriha served as the royal abode for Kingdom of Magadha. During Buddha’s time, King Bimbasara embraced Buddhism. It is believed that at Rajgir only Lord Buddha spent many months preaching and meditating at the Griddhkuta, or the Hill of the Vultures. At Rajgir, Lord Buddha performed the miracle of taming Nalagiri - the elephant, who was aroused by Devdatta to kill Buddha. Lord Buddha interrupted the elephant that was on the way to trample the child and calmly touched him on his forehead. The elephant became calm and quiet, and knelt down before the Buddha.

The important Buddhist Heritage sites at Rajgir are –
Griddhakuta or Vulture's Peak – Here at Griddhakuta, Lord Buddha turned his second wheel of law and, during rainy season preached many inspiring sermons to his disciples.

Shanti Stupa – The massive Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda) at Rajgir was constructed by Buddha Sangha of Japan. A visit to this peace pagoda is an added attraction to visit Rajgir and explore its Buddhist roots.

Venuvana Monastery - Venuvana Vihar was a monastery built by Magadhan Emperor Bimbisar, for Lord Buddha to reside. This was his first offering to Lord Buddha.

Ajatashatru's Fort – Ajatashatru Fort is another great attraction of Rajgir. Built by Ajatashatru, the king of Magadha and Bimbisar’s son, the fort is a major attraction of Rajgir. The Stupa at Ajatshatru Fort is also believed to have been built by him.

Bimbisara's Jail – Bimbisara’s Jail marks the site where King Bimbisara was imprisoned after being usurped by his son Ajatashatru. The king deliberately chose this site as from there he could see Lord Buddha climbing up to his mountain retreat atop the Griddhakuta Hill.

Amaravana or Jivaka's Mango Garden - Amaravana or Mango Gardens is the site where the Lord Buddha was treated by Jivaka, the royal physician after being wounded by his wicked cousin Devdatta.

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