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About Us

- Buddhist Heritage Tourism Promotion Council (BHTPC),

A registered non-profit organization driven by a common cause of awakening the world towards Buddhist Heritage resting in India, the land of Lord Buddha. The council works on the awareness of important sites associated with the life of Lord Buddha.

Our focus is the promotion of the 2,500 Years old Buddhist Heritage through pilgrimage tourism. We aim at representing Buddhist legacy bestowed on India and to preserve it through sustainable tourism. Besides this, we advocate the planned development around Buddhist sites to contribute to conservation of Buddhist Heritage Sites.

The council is working to promote awareness for the uplifting and safeguarding the revered stupas, chaityas, pagodas, caves, edicts and various Buddhist excavations scattered all over India. This endeavor will help the followers all over the world to know the Buddhist Heritage in greater depths. We are also attempting to support and promote the Buddhist Traditions for the future generations.

Our Members, join us in their individuals Capacity, and these are mainly associated with Core Tour Operators, Hoteliers and other stakeholders actively present in Buddhist Circuits. It is a body of professionals who strongly believe and work towards upgrading Buddhist Heritage of India through infrastructural growth in tune with everlasting heritage of the country.

We work as a platform to highlight the needs for promotion of Buddhist Heritage Sites and Buddhist Circuits all over India. Believing in the concept of ‘Heritage to Preserve and Foster’,

This endeavor will surely preserve the great Buddhist culture of the South Asian subcontinent through sustainable, religious and ecological development. The works of BHTPC will also include the upgradation of the Buddhist Circuit in India and Nepal, so that this continues to inspire many pilgrims in their journey of awakening.

Aims and Objectives of BHTPC

The basic aims and objectives for which BHTPC came into being are as follows-

  1. To create awareness about important heritage sites associated with the life, work and teachings of the Buddha
  2. To impress upon the concerned authorities the need for preservation and development of Buddhist Heritage sites
  3. To highlight the need for promotion of Buddhist Heritage sites and circuits as major tourist attractions
  4. To strive creation of adequate facilities at Buddhist heritage sites and Buddhist circuits
  5. To promote investment at Buddhist Heritage Sites and Buddhist Circuits
  Become a Member

Anyone in the world, who compassionately feels about the Buddhist Heritage, can sponsor this cause. One can download the Application form below, fill it and send it to us with one time Joining Fee of 500 and Annual Membership Fee of 1,000 drawn on behalf of Buddhist Heritage Tourism Promotion Council to become a member.